About us

This site aims to list and classify the plant species present on Saudi Arabia, The date at the end of each page means the date of creating  information on that page, and the date at the end of the home page is the date of recently added information in differnt pages such as (Taxon description, literature). 

The project members:

  • Dr. Rahmah Nasser Al-Qthanin, Project leader, Academic at King Khalid University.
  •   Dr.Ghalia Saleem Al-Jeddani , Academic at University of Jeddah
  • Dr. Hatim Al-Yasi, Academic at Taif University.
  • Dr. Widad Saleem Al-Juhani, Academic at Umm Al-Qura University.
  • Dr. Talal Eid Dahan, Academic at Bisha University.
  • Dr. Naha Alotaibi, Academic at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University.


Many thanks to the collaborators for their contribution to the plant identification and photographs:

  • Eisa Ali
  • Musa Al-Debaisi
  • Sultan Alodhaidan
  • Yahya Al-Yahya
  • Mahammad Al-Faifi
  • Abdurrahman Al-Juhani
  • AbdulAziz Al-Joeed
  • Dr. Muna Al-wehaibi
  • Mushari Al-Awaid
  • Ghazi Al-Anazi  

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